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India’s water bodies have become increasingly polluted due to the rapid development and urbanization taking place in the country. A recent World Bank report estimated that 70% of India’s surface water is unfit for consumption. People release around 40 million liters of untreated wastewater into rivers and other water bodies daily, which have dire consequences.

The Floating Gardens are vital for cleaning and purifying polluted water bodies. Plants grown on these are incredibly effective at absorbing hazardous nitrates and other contaminants, thereby significantly improving the quality of the lake. Floating Garden is invaluable in protecting and managing wetlands, making it a vital part of conservation efforts.

What is a Floating Garden?

Floating Gardens represent a clever solution to a severe problem – water too deep for certain aquatic plants to thrive. By creating these artificial platforms, we can create a unique ecosystem that helps to capture pollutants and transform them into harmless substances, thus helping to preserve our lakes and other bodies of water.

How do Floating Gardens Work help in reducing contamination in rivers ?

Artificial floating platforms, known as Floating Gardens or Floating treatment wetlands (FTWs) or islands, provide an ideal environment for emergent aquatic plants to grow in waters that are usually deeper than they can typically thrive in. Roots from the plants spread across the islands and into the water, forming clusters of roots with plenty of room for microbial biofilm. This biofilm is responsible for nutrient absorption and contamination breakdown within an FTW system.

Plants That Clean Water | Floating Garden

The floating mat serves as a refuge that decreases turbulence and mixing from the wind and waves, which allows sediment and elements to settle. This creates a unique habitat, which can absorb nutrients and alter pollutants that could otherwise damage the rivers into harmless substances.


Recent research from multiple nations has uncovered that aquatic plants are helpful in the removal of nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonia, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and other contaminants from rivers, which is especially important in light of the mounting number of these substances that are seeping into our waterways.


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Urban sprawl, lack of rainwater harvesting, inadequate wastewater treatment, modifications to the landscape, and surface water contamination…all lead to the diminishing availability of clean water. As people, we have to be stewards of water and our planet.


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