India’s water bodies have become increasingly polluted due to the rapid development and urbanization taking place in the country. A recent World Bank report estimated that 70% of India’s surface water is unfit for consumption. People release around 40 million liters of untreated wastewater into rivers and other water bodies daily, which have dire consequences.

The Floating Gardens are vital for cleaning and purifying polluted water bodies. Plants grown on these are incredibly effective at absorbing hazardous nitrates and other contaminants, thereby significantly improving the quality of the lake. Floating Garden is invaluable in protecting and managing wetlands, making it a vital part of conservation efforts.

What is a Floating Garden?

Floating Gardens represent a clever solution to a severe problem – water too deep for certain aquatic plants to thrive. By creating these artificial platforms, we can create a unique ecosystem that helps to capture pollutants and transform them into harmless substances, thus helping to preserve our lakes and other bodies of water.

How do Floating Gardens Help Clean the Lakes?

Floating Garden utilizes soilless hydroponics: a method of growing plants without using soil, relying solely on sunlight and water. The base of the Garden provides small openings through which the plants receive their nutrients via the biological uptake process. Additionally, the plant roots act as a filter, trapping sediment and other pollutants, thus lowering the chemical content of the water. The microorganisms living in the Floating Garden help further clean the water by breaking down and consuming the organic matter.


Advantages of Floating Gardens

The following are significant advantages of a Floating Garden :


Our Projects

Several Indian lakes have successfully implemented the Floating Gardens. Not only do the Floating Gardens help to purify the water bodies, but they also promote biodiversity, aesthetic appeal, and the welfare of the local population. It is no secret that water pollution is one of the significant threats to biodiversity, making the Floating Garden concept a simple, natural, and effective solution.

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